5-Tips-ForA Stronger Immune System

5 Tips To Improve Immune System

Your immune system defends your health against any bacteria or viruses that can cause diseases. Currently, flu season is going on in India and it is possible that you catch a cold or cough. This can happen if you come in contact with cold and flu germs or with a person who already has a cold. But, if your immune system is strong enough you might remain healthy, even if someone close to you is sick.  

Keeping your immune system strong has benefits beyond the flu season as well. It will keep your health safeguarded. A healthy person is more productive, alert and better prepared for the future.

Here Are Some Natural Ways You Can Give Your Immune System A Boost:

1. The Everyday Superfood- Garlic

Garlic has several health benefits. For many people garlic helps with controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol and reduces the chance of heart diseases. It contains Allicin, which is released when a garlic clove is cut, chopped or crushed, and has immune system boosting properties. 

Garlic To Boost Immunity - Activ Living


2. Aerobic Exercises Can Hel

During aerobic exercises like walking, swimming or cycling, the body uses all the muscles together. You also breathe deeply and quickly, so more oxygen flows into your blood. Regular aerobic exercise can improve your resistance against flu, cold, viral diseases and minor disorders. 

Aerobic Exercises To Improve Immunity - Activ Living


3. Hydrating Yourself Is Essential

Water carries oxygen in the blood to different parts of the body. It ensures the body functions are carried on smoothly, which boosts immunity. You can add lemon to your water once in a day to aid in detoxification as well. 

Improve Immune System With Hydration - Activ Living


4. Tulsi, Turmeric And Ginger

These are natural immunity boosters and have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. You can add tulsi, turmeric and ginger in your food, or take these in tablet form, which are readily available in the market. Tulsi and ginger can be added to your tea as well. 

Tulsi, Turmeric And Ginger For Immunity - Activ Living


5. Daily Dose Of Sunlight

Vitamin D is essential to have a healthy immune system which can be obtained by absorbing sunlight. Getting sunlight also exposes you to fresh air and promotes activity in muscles.

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Encourage your loved ones to follow the above mentioned tips to keep their immune system strong as well.