Celebrate Father's Day in 5 Healthy Ways- Activ Living

5 Activities For A Healthy Father’s Day

Celebrate Father Day In 5 Healthy Ways- Activ Living

Celebrate A Healthy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time to appreciate the ‘dads in your life’ be it your father, husband, or friend. Doing something good for them is not limited to baking cakes and getting gifts, especially in the lockdown. You should also encourage them to be fit and active as many health issues could be the result of a sedentary lifestyle.

Try fun activities like games, fitness challenges, and dancing, which your entire family can enjoy. You can also select gifts like fit-bits or activewear, readily available online, to help in improving your father’s health.

Moreover, prepare a healthy breakfast for the whole family to encourage the father of the house to make healthier choices. A good sandwich or nicely prepared eggs can melt any father’s heart. For a sandwich, you should select whole wheat or multigrain bread and the vegetables he likes. You can also add cottage cheese and green chutney in it to make it more lip-smacking.

If you decide to go with eggs, remove the yolk as they have the fats and then cook the protein-rich white part of the eggs. Serve this with a lightly buttered whole-wheat toast. Ensure that you protect your parent’s health by building healthy habits. Simple activities like this can encourage your father to follow an active and healthy lifestyle in the long run. Try these ideas and have a healthy Father’s Day!


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