How to prevent Diabetes in women- Activ Living

Prevent Diabetes In Women With These Helpful Tips

How to prevent diabetes in women- Activ Living

Diabetes in women can not only increase their risk of heart disease but also put them at risk of a number of other health problems. Impaired vision, kidney disease, and even depression could be more persistent in women with diabetes. Aside from the usual symptoms of diabetes in women which include extreme weight loss or gain, chronic fatigue, and excessive thirst, women with diabetes are also more prone to urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction, and irregular menstrual cycles.

Diabetes has no cure, which is why prevention is always the better option. Women older than the age of 45 years, those who are obese, and those with a family history of diabetes are at a higher risk of getting diabetes, but these prevention tips can be used by all women. The first step is of course to avoid sweets and sugar. Increasing fibre intake by eating raw vegetable salads and fruits also helps to controls blood sugar. Maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise and quitting/cutting down on smoking and alcohol consumption, all go a long way in preventing diabetes in women.

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