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Tips on Marathon Preparation for This Season

Marathon PreparationFor many runners, a marathon is more like a desire to take up challenges. It is a life changing experience which takes you to new heights and adds a new dimension to your life. You may have your own reason to run, maybe to challenge yourself, enhance your physique, or raise awareness for a charity, always keep that spirit alive while training.

Your Checklist
Before starting with any vigorous exercise consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from any major ailment. Your doctor will give you a guideline to ensure you are on the right track. Invest in running shoes as these are your best companions while running. Pick a pair that fits comfortably and provides the required cushioning and support. Always do some light stretching before running as this loosens your muscles. Choose clothes that are made from technical fabrics; this material absorbs the sweat from your body and keeps you dry and comfortable. For women, find the right sports bra to stay comfortable during running. Always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

All about Marathon Training
Training is a core part of preparing for marathons. One needs to establish a regular habit of running for 3-4 days a week. Begin your routine with some light stretching. But, do not stretch after intense workouts as your muscles are stressed after strenuous activity. Add cross-training, swimming, cycling to build overall body strength. You can add weight training or Pilates to strengthen your training routine. Perform these activities once or twice a week at a moderate level. At the same time listen to your body’s needs. If your body requires a break, take a break! If you are not a beginner to marathon training, then intensify your workout by setting a goal at each level.

Adequate Nutrition
If you consume healthy food then you may have to make minimal changes to your diet. While junk food lovers need to make the big switch to healthy food to ensure that the body is well nourished. Always have a snack or a light meal an hour before your training. Pick something that is high in carbohydrates and low in fat. Because food rich in fat or high-fiber may cause distress in the stomach. An energy bar or a smoothie made with fruits or yoghurt is a great snack, post- run. Have a well-balanced diet to ensure you have the energy to move ahead.

During your training process, you will encounter countless hurdles in the form of injuries, illnesses, mental blocks and more. In such scenarios have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself, mental preparation tops the checklist while preparing for a marathon. Have a healthy diet, ensure you get adequate sleep, and train harder, you will have your cheat days, bad days and more but don’t give up. Make the finish line your goal, your ambition!

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