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Yoga Asanas To Gain Control Over Your Blood Sugar Levels

Yoga Asanas For Blood Sugar Control - Activ Together

India is growing economically as is seen in the form of higher incomes and better living standards. But on the flip side, several lifestyle diseases make frequent appearances, thanks to the sedentary way of living and unhealthy eating habits. Apart from blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, one such issue that’s highly prevalent in India is diabetes.

The nation is witnessing a growing challenge as it shares 49% of the world’s diabetes burden. As per a report by the International Diabetes Federation, 8.8% of the total adult population in the country is suffering from diabetes. These figures are continuously rising and are expected to double by 2025!

Although medication and changes in diet help deal with diabetes, exercising for good mental and physical health is critical. Yoga has long been in the spotlight for showering various benefits. And, it could be the solution to the alarming statistics mentioned above.

Yoga to Your Rescue!

Yoga, an ancient form of exercise that originated thousands of years ago helps you harmonise your mind, body, and emotions. As you breathe in and breathe out of a posture, it benefits every organ and your overall health with every step. Research has shown a positive link between yoga and diabetes. So, how does it help one cope with diabetes? Before delving into that, let’s understand the factors contributing to diabetes.

Stress and anxiety, which results in blood pressure and heart problems, are major factors contributing to diabetes. Apart from that, the lack of physical activity and obesity can put you at risk for diabetes.

Yoga, a series of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines, has been known to alleviate these factors and could be a promising option to manage diabetes.

3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Keep a Check on Diabetes:

Relieves You of Stress

As people spend more and more time indoors in front of screens, disconnected from nature, and deprived of social interactions, it takes a toll on mental health. Thus, resulting in stress, anxiety, and health issues like diabetes and cholesterol can be controlled by Yoga. Yoga provides you with a chance to look within and rid your mind of chaos. Postures like Shavasana and Balasana help de-stress, thus, allowing you to keep control over your blood sugar levels.

Secretes Insulin, Lowers Blood Sugar

Yoga is known to improve blood flow, enhance flexibility, and stimulate organs to function effectively. Certain yoga asanas massages pancreas and stimulates the production of insulin-producing beta cells. Furthermore, as you stretch into different postures, glucose levels in your body get used by muscles. Thus, helping you lower blood sugar levels.

Promotes Weight Loss

Yoga is proven to not only reduce but also help maintain a healthy weight. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity, which in turn, results in diabetes. Practising yoga also includes some mudras apart from asanas. Prithvi mudra is known to help maintain weight. Apart from that, Surya Namaskar and various other asanas can help shed weight and manage diabetes with Yoga.

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