Caring For A Sick Child As A Working Mom

Every mother knows that children fall sick often. From coughs and colds, to fever and tummy upsets, kids are constantly picking up something or the other. What every mother also knows is that, her child can be very difficult at times like these. He/she becomes clingy, cranky, and has no appetite. It is also hard to get children to take their medicines, especially if the syrups don’t taste nice.

As hard as having a sick child might be, it’s a bit worse when you are a working mom. When you have a day full of appointments and deadlines, you’re not sure how to manage all that and take care of your child. Sometimes, missing a deadline could mean losing your job, so you are under even more pressure to find a way to handle the situation.

Here Are A Few Tips That Can Help:

Take The Day Off:

The first thing you should consider is taking the day off, to stay home with your sick child. If you have any leaves left over, make use of them. You also have the option of calling your boss and explaining the situation. If there is something that needs to be done urgently at work, ask a colleague if they can take over for you on that day and get the work done.

Work From Home:

Of course, there could be situations where you can’t take a day off. In that case, check if you can work from home. With the advent of the internet, more and more companies are offering the remote working option. There is a good chance that if your child has a fever or a stomach upset, he/she will be feeling weak and want to sleep. You can use the time when they are resting to get your work done. Filing reports, replying to work emails, and sitting-in on conference calls can all be done from home.

Call A Friend Or Family Member:

If the other options are possible, then you can ask your spouse if he can stay home with the child. If that too is not possible, then call a close friend or family member that the child is comfortable with. Make sure to leave written instructions with the carer on timing and dosages of medicines and a number to reach you in case of an emergency.

Take Your Child To Work:

If you have to go to office and can’t get someone to be with your child, find out if you can take your child with you. This way you can attend to work and be there if your child needs anything. Make sure to carry a few things like a blanket, all required medicines, and a few story books, or other light activities like drawing and colouring, for your child. At the office find a comfortable spot for your child to rest and stay close by. There is a good chance that your colleagues will be helpful and also check on your child for you.

A child is always a mother’s priority, but some situations make it difficult to forget everything else for the sake of your child. Two income families, or single mothers need to hold on to their jobs to give their child the best of everything. The best thing that a mother can do in this situation is to be well prepared for any health emergencies.


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