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How Smriti Khanna Managed To Get Back Into Her Pre-Pregnancy Body within SIX Weeks After Giving Birth With #SehatKiNayiAadat

Smriti Khanna- Activ Living

#How did the lockdown make it difficult to follow your health routine?

I was pregnant at this time, and I had routine exercises that I developed. I could no longer go out for my daily walks or call my yoga trainer at home. I had to come up with workout plans that worked from home and kept me fit.

#Given your situation, what were the extra challenges you faced during the same period? 

Being pregnant and having a newborn comes with a lot of challenges. Additionally, for my family’s safety, I had to be very strict with coming in contact with anyone and stayed indoors at all costs. It was bound to affect me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not getting to see loved ones can take a toll!

#While you were trying to deal with it, what were your family or loved ones going through?

They were my best support during this time. They always took care of my needs, cared for both me and my little one and ensured that at no point were we neglected in any form.

#When did you realize or decide- let’s do something good and begin a SehatKiNayiAadat together with your kid/spouse/parents/friends?

While I was still pregnant with my daughter, I realised that this situation might not change anytime soon. I decided to make some small adjustments in my daily routine to keep myself fit. I wanted a normal delivery. So, I started taking walks, doing short workouts, and also took up prenatal yoga classes at home. I think my daughter was my main focus, and her health was my priority. Thinking of her kept me super chirpy and made me want to take more care.

#So this became your SehatKiNayiAadat…. Were the results encouraging? What changed for good, and you were surprised it turned out to be so well! 

Because I devoted all my time to remain fit during the last trimester of my pregnancy, the delivery went smooth. And the results after that were not only better but also shocking for many. I was back into my pre-pregnancy body within 6 weeks after giving birth. Questions and compliments kept pouring from pregnant women and new moms. I am glad I could be a source of help for mothers out there.

#Why is it very important to have SehatKiNayiAadat? And how it makes you realize about your and your partner’s or family’s well-being?

I believe a fit mom makes a fit home. Physical well-being contributes to your mental well-being too. And in testing times like these, it’s important to not give up on the situation, instead, take charge and use it to your best advantage and keep yourself healthy.

#Lastly, how will you motivate your followers and our readers to share their SehatKiNayiAadat story?

Every story can motivate someone and change their whole life for good. In these challenging times, anything pleasant we hear comes as a breath of fresh air and can inspire another life. Therefore, I would encourage readers to share their uplifting excerpts.

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Smriti Khanna is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast


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