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Creating Space For Workout To Dance Classes To Writing A Book- Here’s Dipika’s #SehatKiNayiAadat Story With Her Family

Dikipa SIngh- Activ Living

How did the lockdown make it difficult to follow your health routine? 

Right before Coronavirus became world news and a part of our daily lives, I had been watching over my health. I had started a gym subscription last November, where I saw visible results. This brought in a focused mindset and fitter feeling. But in March, when the pandemic hit us, it overturned everything that I was following for the last few months. Just like everyone else, I had to retreat indoors. I tried comprehending all of the changes that had started taking place. 

When did you realize or decide- let’s do something good and begin a Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat together with your family?

I was done sitting and wanted to start over. So, for my Sehat ki Nayi Aadat my husband and I started working out at home. We removed the idle furniture and built a small space for home workouts. Beginning from basic cardio-training we slowly gained our strength back while easing into a fitness routine. 

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Each day became more organized, all of us saw a tremendous change in our mindset, feeling emotionally happier, relaxed, and energized.

For our daughter, we looked up an online dance class which was bi-weekly. She started enjoying classical dance, and now is always looking forward to attending her class. 

Dipika Singh- Activ Living

Honestly, any further extensions of lockdown or delay in unlocking in doesn’t matter anymore. We are happy. I am glad we changed our old habits at the right time and adopted Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat. Change is the only constant; it is essential to understand the wheel of time and adapt accordingly. With the current situations, we realized the most valuable requirement of leading a happy life isn’t in worldly pleasures, but mental affirmations. The positivity reflected in the work we did, my child got better grades in her reviews, my husband was relaxed he could concentrate better on work, and I published an eBook. 

Dipika Singh is a Parenting, Finance & Health Blogger


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