5 Tips To Prevent Diabetes During Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant can be the happiest thing for you and your partner. Of course, that changes everything and it’s absolutely vital that both you and your partner are taking good care of your body and the little baby growing inside.


Even if you start your pregnancy on a healthy note, there could be many complications that can come up during the nine months of pregnancy. One of the most common is gestational diabetes. Developing diabetes and blood pressure issues is very common during pregnancy and it’s up to your partner and family to be careful and supportive during this time. With gestational diabetes, the mother’s body does not produce enough insulin. It results in higher levels of blood glucose or sugar accumulation in the bloodstream which leads to complications.

Don’t worry, there are ways to avoid diabetes during pregnancy and live a healthy life throughout the 9 months.

How To Prevent Pregnancy During Diabetes:-

1. Keep A Check On Your Health

Keeping a constant check on your pregnancy will give you a heads up on everything happening in your body. Catching early signs are very important for a healthy pregnancy. Always have your partner or you’re a family member accompany you for regular checkups in case anything is required. If you have other lifestyle conditions then you should consider a chronic management plan.


 2. Follow A Proper Diet Plan

Most Indian families believe that you must eat, eat and eat some more during pregnancy. But with the increasing lifestyle changes, it is important to tweak your diet plan. Pregnancy is no reason to go overboard on food. Although the old ways say you’re eating for two, it’s not really the case. You need only 300 calories extra per day and nutrients from all food groups for the better health of the baby and yourself. So eat healthy and fresh produce to keep your sugar levels in check with low sugar dishes like rava and upma for diabetics. In fact, ask your partner to join in while setting up a healthy eating plan. It will also be great for your entire family if they wish to be included.


3. Be Active

Yoga or safe exercising will keep your blood sugar levels in check. Exercising also boosts circulation and aids in the growth and development process of the fetus. It will also help keep diabetes at bay. If you find it difficult to exercise every day, then try and get in at least 3 hours of exercise in a week. This will make a big difference.


4. Seek Professional Help

If you do see signs of high sugar levels in your body, then be sure to discuss it with your OBGYN for the best possible treatment. Diabetes during pregnancy can be controlled with insulin therapy and you should keep a look on pre-diabetes symptoms. This will ensure that your baby is healthy and so are you.

5. Stop Eating Processed Foods

Once you’re halfway through your pregnancy, refrain from processed juices or any sugary food. This may increase your sugar levels and create complications. Stick to wholesome healthy foods, preferably made at home. You can find such heathy dishes on our blog articles on diet and nutrition.


Picking up healthy habits will not only be great for yourself and the baby, but also for your entire family. As a family when you are picking up healthy habits, they’re likely to last longer. It’s also quite important that during your pregnancy, you stay happy and positive.