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#JumpForHealth – One jump at a time

Jumping Jacks – Staying healthy is now fun.

You must have heard of the term ‘Jack of all trades’, a common reference for a multi-talented person. On similar lines, jumping jacks, as a form of bodily exercise have several benefits. Jumping jacks have moved on from being merely a warm-up routine to a regular part of one’s fitness regime. Follow these steps to perform them correctly:

  1. Stand straight with both feet together and arms stretched out on both sides
  2. In a single quick motion, jump, moving your feet apart, in the outward direction and raise the arms above your head
  3. Immediately go back to the starting position
  4. The entire cycle from start to back equals one jumping jack

Now that we know how to perform jumping jacks, let us discuss the benefits:

Develops strong bones: Jumping jacks, being an anti-gravity exercise, make the muscles stretch at the bones. This, in turn, increases bone mass, improving bone strength. With each jump, new bone cells are formed. Jumping jacks reduce chances of developing bone diseases, especially at old age. Plus, the body stays agile and flexible, a sign of strong bones.

Improves the health of your heart: Jumping jacks, a form of cardio, helps in increasing the heart rate. Cardio workouts are active and quick exercise routines that boost blood flow to the heart muscles. The higher blood flow and oxygen levels ensure a healthy heart. This, in turn, reduces the risk of heart disease like heart attack and combats serious lifestyle disease such as diabetes.

Fights flab: The quick jumping motion fights obesity and keeps you in good shape. Being overweight is the cause of many serious health problems. Jumping jacks increase the metabolic rate, warm up the body and burn calories. It is easy to shed those extra kilos by performing jumping jacks every day.  Besides, you can see the visible benefits as well. You are now able to fit into the expensive clothes that had been kept aside for being tight. Look good, feel good! Looking at the new ‘you’ in the mirror will surely boost your confidence level. The benefits of slimming down due to jumping jacks include both physical as well as mental.

Builds Stamina: Jumping jacks help improve body fitness levels over a period of time. Hence, don’t go overboard! You must not perform intensive and several jacks at the start itself. Else, this would lead to bodily pain and exhaustion. The ability to withstand physical activity takes time to develop. You can initially start with a few jacks at regular intervals. Gradually, as the endurance is built, follow a daily routine of 20-30 minutes of continuous jumping jacks each day. Higher stamina helps fight diseases, improves body movements and keeps tiredness at bay.

If you want to achieve multiple fitness goals with one exercise form, jumping jacks is your best bet. Apart from the above benefits, jacks work on improving the muscle strength of the entire body, right from the calves, quadriceps, glutes, knees to upper back. Kick start your fitness with jumping jacks!