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#21StartsABHI-Day 19: 3-Minute Masala Bhangra For An Energised Day

During the lockdown, life could become monotonous and lacking in energy. To get your new year off to a happy and healthy start, here’s our #21StartsABHI health challenge. We will be giving out 21 health habits for you to do every single day for 21 days this 2021. All you need to do is upload a video or photo of you doing the habit and share on any social media platform with #21StartsABHI. Stand a chance to win FREE online fitness class subscriptions + Amazon vouchers.

Bhangra dance is a Punjabi folk dance we often see at weddings and festivals all over India and even the world. Masala Bhangra is a mix of Bollywood music and bhangra which helps you lose weight in a fun way.

How you can do the Masala Bhangra workout?

This bhangra workout has steps similar to the Punjabi folk dance as we have seen in weddings and in films. However, this exercise involves some more deliberate steps:

  • You should keep a light diet before the workout which is why it is best to do it in the morning.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent to avoid injuring or placing undue stress on your joints

What are the benefits of Masala Bhangra?

If you do the bhangra workout correctly, following the steps in the above video, it can help you lose weight and get a toned body. Here are some of the health benefits masala bhangra

  1. Cardio exercise: This is a high-cardio workout which helps to build cardiac strength and a healthy heart rate.
  2. Weight loss: You can burn almost 500 to 700 calories in one session of masala bhangra. When accompanied with a healthy diet, it can help you with weight loss.
  3. Full-body workout: Bhangra is a full body workout by working on the core which helps improve your posture and build abs. It contracts back muscles to strengthen arms, back and shoulders.
  4. Improved stamina: A complete session of masala bhangra lasts from 45-50 minutes which is done best without stopping which boosts stamina. You can build your strength by doing the 3-minute workout regularly.

You can slow down and follow your own rhythm if you start getting tired during the workout. Check out the Activ Living Blog to learn more entertaining cardio exercises like a Zumba workout and aerobic Bollywood dance.

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For more such healthy habits checkout our #21StartsABHI section here.


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