Harsh Ronak SIngh- Activ Living

#SehatKiNayiAadat But Indoors? Harsh, His Mother And Friends Know How To Do It

Harsh Ronak SIngh- Activ Living

#Was staying healthy and following your routine during the lockdown a challenging task?

When the lockdown started, everything started to backlog, from my diet to lifestyle. Jumping back into a routine seemed highly unreasonable. I started small, by cutting down extra carbs from my diet and did home exercises every day. I used to hang out a lot, but we had to stay indoors during the pandemic entirely. This made it very difficult for me to adapt and regulate.

Harsh Ronak SIngh- Activ Living

#At what point did you decide “let’s do something good” and began Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat, with your loved ones? 

I had to stay fit! So, I changed my lifestyle and adapted to a new diet by simplifying my food intake. I had to maintain my daily protein to X ratio, as I had to stay at home and wasn’t going to the gym. Plus, for Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat, I worked out virtually with my friends, went on long walks with my mum. It has helped us bond much better.

Harsh Ronak SIngh- Activ Living

#How important is it to have Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat? And how does it impact your and family’s well-being?

Sehat ki Nayi Aadat is vital. COVID-19 and other diseases may affect anyone, so you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and build your immunity to fight against such diseases. Every day I got stronger, and I realized that the battles are majorly something that needs to be handled well mentally. Once you believe you can do something, you will find a way to adapt and change, for your own betterment. So, my Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat is a hit.


 #Lastly, how will you motivate your followers and our readers to share their Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat story?

I shared my Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat. I would request the readers to find one healthy habit and practice it daily. I assure, you will see a significant change in your life, both, mentally and physically. Please do not limit yourself., Explore with whatever you have at the moment and make the best out of it.


Harsh Ronak Singh is a Fashion & Lifestyle Content creator


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