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High Cholesterol Foods You Should Avoid

Cholesterol is produced naturally by your liver and can be received from certain foods too. However, this natural substance is generally misunderstood and considered unhealthy. Read on to find out more about high-cholesterol foods and which of them are actually bad for you.

What You Should Know Bad Cholesterol Foods:

How Does Dietary Cholesterol Affect You?

Almost 75% of your body’s cholesterol requirement is produced by the liver. That’s why dietary cholesterol doesn’t have too much of an impact on your body, if you don’t have any existing conditions like high blood pressure.

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is often referred to as ‘bad cholesterol’, as it’s associated with the plaque build-up in arteries. On the other hand, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is considered ‘good cholesterol’ as it helps remove excess cholesterol from your body.

Are All High Cholesterol Foods Bad For You?

High Cholesterol Food- Activ Living

While dietary cholesterol is useful, you should remember that high cholesterol foods tend to have a negative impact on your health. Few high cholesterol foods like eggs, full-fat yogurt, and cheese are good in small portions.

Organic meat and fish like sardines, shellfish can be a good source of protein as well as various minerals like iron and zinc along with vitamin B12. However, these foods are best consumed in limited quantities.

Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

While not all high-cholesterol foods are bad for you, some foods definitely have a much more negative impact on your body. Here are 4 foods that you should avoid, especially if you have high cholesterol:

1. Fried Foods

Fried Food- Activ Living

Deep-fried foods like fries and fried snacks can increase the bad cholesterol in the body and more importantly lowers the level of good cholesterol. Shallow-frying foods in olive oil or coconut oil would be a better way to lower the bad cholesterol.

2. Processed meat

Meat that is loaded with sodium like hot dogs, bacon, and sausages should be limited. These high-cholesterol foods also increase the risks of heart diseases and certain cancers like colon cancer.

3. Fast food

Avoid Fast Food- Activ Living

Fast foods like burgers and pizzas usually have higher levels of bad cholesterol. People who consume this food tend to have more belly fat, higher level of inflammation and unregulated blood sugar.

4. Candies and desserts

Sugar candies, as well as cookies, ice-creams, pastries and other desserts, have added sugars, unhealthy fats and calories. They are usually high cholesterol foods which can lead to weight gain and impact overall health over time.

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