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Healthy Low-Fat Vada Pav Recipe by Suman Agarwal

Suman Agarwal is a nutritionist and the founder of Self-Care with Suman. Enjoy this video where she teaches you how to make a healthier alternative to vada pav.

Vada pav is a favorite among Indian snacks. Enjoyed with tea on a rainy day, it is hard to find anything that can take its place. Unfortunately, the snack is deep-fried, very high on carbs and fats, and low in protein. Suman Agarwal’s recipe adds paneer to the potato masala and does not require deep frying.


This recipe uses very little oil and so it is low in fat. The paneer increases the nutrition value of the snack because of the high protein content. There are also fewer calories because the recipe does not require a batter. You can adjust the spice level by not adding chilies if you have kids or elderly at home. This version of the vada pav can satisfy your cravings and help you avoid eating the junk food version of the dish. It is tasty and also easy to make. Get to read about more such articles related to health & well being. Also check out Suman Agarwal’s Protein Rich Food Recipe during Quarantine


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