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Business Loan EMI Calculator
Entrepreneurs are regularly required to infuse capital for managing and growing their businesses. While there are many different ways to raise capital, a business loan is often the fastest and most convenient method for arranging funds.

To make things easier for the borrowers, reputed lenders now offer a business loan EMI calculator. The online tool can be used by applicants to instantly calculate their monthly EMI if they are planning to take a business loan.

What Does Business Loan EMI Stand For?

The EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) is the amount that a borrower repays to the lender every month after taking a business loan. The EMI payments continue throughout the loan tenure or until the borrower repays the loan in full.

The EMI amount is made up of the principal and the interest portion of the loan. The percentage of principal amount and interest amount that make up the EMI changes monthly.

The 'interest' part is generally the highest in the initial months of the loan. With time, the interest portion falls, and the principal portion rises. Borrowers are not required to get into the complex calculations as the monthly EMI mostly remains the same.

How Does a Business Loan EMI Calculator Work?

A business EMI calculator enables the loan applicants to know the exact EMI they’d be paying every month after taking a business loan. This helps them apply for the loan with confidence and also enables them to plan the repayment even before applying for the loan.

To use the calculator, one needs to provide some basic details about the loan, like-

  • Loan amount
  • Loan tenure
  • Interest rate

The online calculator uses a set formula to produce the EMI amount accurately-

E = P x r x (1 + r) ^ n / [(1 + r) ^ n - 1]


  • E - EMI
  • P - Principal amount
  • r - Rate of interest
  • n - Number of months/years (tenure of the loan)

As manual calculation based on this formula can be quite cumbersome, the online tool is an excellent way to get accurate results instantly. Simply enter the details and click on the ‘Calculate’ button to know the exact loan EMI.

Documents Required for a Business Loan

Apart from the EMI, a business owner planning to apply for a commercial loan should also thoroughly understand the documentation part of the application process. While the requirements can vary between lenders, applicants are compulsorily required to submit-

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Financial documents
  • Business ownership proof
  • Business continuity proof

The loan application will only be approved if the applicant has submitted these documents and fulfils all the other eligibility requirements of the lender.

Need to Use a Business Loan Calculator for EMI

Here are some of the top reasons why a business loan applicant should definitely use the
commercial loan EMI calculator-

  • Saves Time and Effort

    - It only takes a few seconds for the applicant to know the exact loan EMI with the help of the online calculator. The tool not only helps save a lot of time but also eliminates the need for cumbersome manual calculations that are highly prone to errors.
  • Financial Planning

    - Knowing the exact loan EMI amount also makes it easier for the borrowers to plan their finances and repayment. Business owners are required to have foresight with regard to finances, and the online calculator significantly contributes to the process.
  • Evaluate Loan Tenure and Amount

    - With the help of the calculator, borrowers can also check the EMI for different tenures and loan amounts. Based on the results, they can then know the right loan amount and duration for which the loan should be taken.

Eligibility for a Business Loan

There can be differences in eligibility requirements based on the lender one selects. But every reputed lender in India will at least evaluate the following factors-

  • Only applicants between the age range of 25 to 65 years are eligible for a business loan
  • The applicant should have been running the business for at least 3 years
  • The business should be profitable for 2-3 consecutive financial years
  • Turnover should demonstrate an upward trend
  • The balance sheet should be audited by a CA (Chartered Accountant)

Business Loan Interest Rate

Just like the eligibility and documentation requirements, the interest rate also varies between lenders. Moreover, the interest rate also depends on factors like the loan amount, loan tenure, and eligibility of the applicant.

Even the type of business loan and whether it is a secured or unsecured loan has an impact on the interest rate. With most top lenders, the interest rate could range from 14% to 24%.

What Impacts Loan EMI and How to Reduce Your EMI?

Here are the factors that impact the loan EMI amount-

Interest Rate

The interest rate significantly impacts the loan EMI. The smallest difference in the interest rate can help the borrower save or lose a lot of money. Thus, it is recommended that an applicant should always select a reputed lender that offers flexible business loans at highly competitive interest rates.

Loan Amount

The interest rate is applied to the loan amount for calculating the monthly EMI. The higher the loan amount is, the higher will be the EMI amount. Borrowers should ensure that they only borrow an amount that they actually need even in case if they are eligible for a higher loan amount.

Loan Tenure

Even the loan tenure has a role in calculating EMIs. Loans with a longer tenure usually have lower EMIs when compared to a loan of the same amount taken for a shorter duration. Just like the loan amount, the loan tenure should also be carefully selected to ensure that the EMI payments can be made every month without any inconvenience.

Looking for ways to reduce the EMI amount? These tips can help-

Compare Lenders Online

Before applying for a business loan, one should first thoroughly compare at least a few top lenders. Borrowers should check the rate of interest, loan tenure, and other charges to make sure that they get the best deal at a competitive interest rate. The lower the interest rate is, the lower will be the business loan EMI.

Consider a Longer Loan Tenure

Another way to reduce the EMI amount is to take a business loan for a longer tenure. The EMI amount is inversely proportional to the loan tenure. The longer the tenure is, the lower will be the EMI amount.

Consider Part-Prepayment

Many of the lenders now allow you to partially prepay the business loan after making regular EMI payments for 6-12 months. With this facility, borrowers can make additional lump sum payments while also paying the monthly EMIs. The lump-sum payment can considerably reduce the loan amount and result in lower EMIs.

Use a Business Loan EMI Calculator to Know the Exact Monthly EMI

A business loan calculator for EMI makes it easier for the applicants to know how much they will be paying to the lender every month after taking the loan. It also enables them to evaluate different loan tenures and loan amounts so that they can arrive at an EMI amount that is affordable and can be conveniently paid every month.

After this initial EMI calculation, applicants can then get in touch with the lender to formally begin the loan application process.

Business Loan EMI Calculator FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Use a Business Loan EMI Calculator?

Fill the loan tenure you wish to opt, the loan amount and the interest rate and you will get the EMI that you would have to pay.

How Is Business Loan EMI Calculated?

The calculator generally uses three major variables to calculate your EMI- Loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure.

What are the Benefits of Using a Business Loan EMI Calculator?

By using a business loan EMI calculator, you will find out an estimated amount of EMI you will have to pay. Therefore, the estimated amount can help you plan your finances. Furthermore, with the help of a business loan calculator, you can change the loan tenure and interest rate multiple times until you get the desired result.

Why Should You Know Your EMI Amount in Advance?

Using an EMI calculator before taking a loan will help you find out the most affordable EMI amount. This way, you can maintain financial stability in the future.

What is The Optimum Business Loan EMI for You?

Optimum business loan is the amount that you can comfortably pay off. Choose for higher down payment and longer tenure to get your optimum business loan.

Can the EMI Amount and Interest Be Reduced?

The borrower can reduce the EMI amount by increasing the loan tenure. Furthermore, by paying the majority of the loan amount in one payment, a borrower can pay reduced EMIs on the remaining loan. However, interest remains fixed during the payment period.

What if Somebody Misses his/her EMI Amount?

In case a borrower misses an EMI payment, then he/she might have to pay a penalty. Also, his/her credit score might get impacted.

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