Women require continuous medical attention from the moment they conceive. As soon as an embryo gets implanted in the uterus, every would-be mother and their unborn infant would need ample checkups, scans, and other medical assistance. They also need a healthy diet to support the growth of a new life inside her womb. Along with food, a pregnant mom also needs her daily dose of medications, and all of this can be covered with an adequate insurance plan

Why purchase a maternity health cover?

Prenatal care

Invest in a good health insurance plan to meet expenses related to prenatal care. Frequent medical checkups and rounds of screening tests ensure that mom and baby stay healthy during the 9 months of pregnancy. This is termed as prenatal care.

Labour and delivery costs

A good insurance plan covers labour and delivery costs to save on your piling hospital bills.

Ultrasounds and other genetic tests

Every trimester involves a lot of scans and pathological tests. Hence a maternity health plan will keep a pregnant mom covered for all the medical facilities.

Non-traditional deliveries with the help of a midwife or home birth

An insurance plan can also help you cover the expenses of a normal delivery done with the help of a midwife at home.

How does it work?

Before short listing a health coverage option, you need to estimate the pregnancy and childbirth expenses. If you need to go for specialty prenatal testing, the costs may go far higher than expected. Choosing a health insurance that covers maximum expenses during pregnancy nd post pregnancy is vital.

Post delivery costs

A C-section is more expensive than normal delivery. Plus, you can calculate the hospital stay charges as it depends on the speed of recovery of the mother and the well being of the child.

Different hospitals have tie-up with various insurance providers, so go for a health insurance company which is approved by the hospital you are visiting. Seek the right maternity health cover to satisfy all the needs of a healthy mother and child. Give your newborn the best and comprehensive medical facilities for a bright and healthy future.

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