Qualifying for a business loan is easy when you have everything prepared. Every business needs financing, be it in the form of capital or additional funding to grow the venture. Entrepreneurs and business owners can apply for a business loan if they face any form of shortage.

Banks and NBFCs these days have several provisions for start-up loans, small-business loans, business line of credit and what not to promote businesses and help them grow.

How to qualify for a business loan?

Here are a few steps which can help you qualify for a business loan easily -

1. Maintain a good credit score

Your credit score determines your ability to repay a debt and a good score ensures bankers and lenders that you can indeed pay the loan back in time. So, ensure that you maintain a good credit history, clear off any outstanding dues ( if any) and then apply for a business loan.

2. Arrange for documents

There is a list of documents which is demanded by the lender/banker along with a business loan application. Having them in place ensures that you qualify for a loan easily. These documents usually include the following -

Personal and business income tax returns

Balance sheet and income statement

Personal and business bank statements

Commercial lease (if any)

Business licenses

Articles of incorporation

Growth projections/Business plan

Details about the team (management team, especially)

3. Present a compelling business plan

Before giving out a business loan, banks like knowing the ins and outs of the business including how much profit the business makes, what is the projected profit for the year, the business plan, etc. Business owners are required to present a detailed business plan to the bank along with their application for the loan. The plan must include the purpose for which the loan amount will be used and how it will help the business grow. If it is strong and compelling enough, chances of qualifying for the loan are higher.

4. Provide collateral

Business loans are slightly different from personal loans. When you apply for a personal loan you are not asked to submit any collateral but in the case of a business loan, it is necessary in most cases to provide collateral. Arranging for collateral can increase your chances of getting a business loan.

5. Business Revenue and Profit

As a business owner, you are supposed to provide proof of your revenue and profits to the bank/lender. It is important for you to submit this proof as it will help the lender asses your repayment capability and proof of regular income will ensure you qualify for the loan.

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