When you sign up for a life insurance policy, the insurer provides you with a physical copy of the insurance that contains all the clauses and terms of the policy. This document is very important and is relied upon entirely when the time comes for your nominee to claim the death benefit. Along with a proof of identification, your nominee must provide the insurance policy contract that was given to you so many years ago.

Hence, it is important to keep this document extremely safe and share its location with the person you have nominated. But, what if you’ve lost the document? Of course, everything is not over yet. Act quickly with the following steps to get a hold of a duplicate copy.

Contact your insurer immediately

The first thing that you need to do is contact your insurance company. If you had bought the policy through an agent, contact the agent and inform him or her about the situation. If not, then visit the nearest branch of your insurer and inform them. Obtaining a duplicate copy of your insurance is a straightforward process, but you do need to provide a few documents, along with an application mentioning your policy number, name, type of policy and other details.

File a police complaint

Some insurance companies require a copy of a police complaint detailing when and how you lost the policy document. A policy complaint authenticates your lost claim and will speed up the duplicate policy process.

Place an advertisement

It also required that you place an advertisement in a local newspaper, one in English and one in a vernacular edition. The advertisement should mention that you’ve lost your insurance policy document along with the details of the document. This step is mainly required to ensure that your claim is true and you’re doing everything in your power to locate the lost policy. In some fortunate circumstances, especially if you lost your document while travelling, it is entirely possible that you may actually find your policy through the advertisement.

Indemnity Bond

When you lose your insurance policy and the insurer issues you with a duplicate copy, they have to make sure that someone doesn’t turn up with the originally lost document to claim the policy. So you have to sign an indemnity bond with them on a stamp paper to protect them against misuse of the original document.

If you followed the above steps correctly, and dutifully submitted everything to the insurance company, they will analyze the documents and make a decision accordingly. If everything is on order, they will issue a duplicate policy document to you with ‘Duplicate Copy’ clearly mentioned on all pages. Also, keep in mind that you will have to bear the cost of the indemnity bond and also may have to pay a small fee for a duplicate copy of your insurance.

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