Your insurance document works as a contract between you and the insurance provider. It outlines all the terms and conditions of the policy which the insurance provider, as well as the insured, needs to follow.

While it is crucial to keep the policy document as safely with you as possible, there can be instances when you might lose them, or they get damaged or destroyed. What should a policyholder do in such case? Do not worry as you can easily get a duplicate copy if you lose health insurance papers. Follow these steps-

Inform the Insurance Company

Get in touch with the support department of the insurance provider to inform them about the loss of documents. The insurer will mostly ask you to send them a written application with details about the policy, date of loss, the reason for the loss, etc. You might be asked to submit a physical application letter or an email.

File a Police Complaint

Some insurance providers do ask you to file a police complaint when you lose your health policy documents. The copy of the FIR is to be attached to the application letter. You can talk to your insurer to know whether or not the police complaint is required.

Publish an Advertisement

A few insurance companies also need the policyholder to publish an advertisement in newspapers if they lose the health insurance documents. You will mostly be asked to publish an ad in an English newspaper and one more in a vernacular newspaper published in the state of your residence. A copy of the newspaper with your ad needs to be sent to the insurer after about 30 days of posting the ad.

Create Indemnity Bond

Many insurers will also ask you to create an indemnity bond on a stamp paper. The purpose of this bond is to indemnify the insurance provider for any loss that might arise due to fraud or misuse of your lost policy documents. The bond will also say that you will return the original documents to the insurer if found.

Once all of this is done, the insurance company will then send you a duplicate copy of your insurance documents.

Isn't There Any Other Alternative?

It is better to buy health insurance online as with an online purchase, you generally get your policy in a digital format and also receive a hardcopy delivered to your address. If at all you lose the hardcopy of the documents, you can use the digital copy to print a new one if required.

If you do not have a digital policy, there is no option other than following the steps listed above.

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