The grief of losing a loved one cannot be expressed in words. Emotional distress can last for a long time and often affects your ability to make decisions. But in many cases, emotional hardship is also accompanied by financial issues. Many of them often require quick resolution too.

A life insurance policy is an excellent way to help your family manage such financial hardships after your demise. But if the beneficiary of your policy is not fully aware of how to file a claim, valuable time can be lost, further prolonging the issue.

This is the reason why life insurance beneficiaries should clearly know the claim filing process. Here are the 3 exact steps one needs to follow-

Step 1. Inform the Insurance Provider

Thanks to the internet, filing a life insurance claim is now easy and quick. Most top insurance providers allow you to file a claim online or through email. Getting in touch with the support department through call or visiting the branch office are two offline ways to intimate the insurance provider regarding your claim.

Step 2. Submitting Documents and Claim Assessment

The insurance provider will then ask you to provide a few documents for supporting your claim. Once the required documents are submitted, the claim assessment process will begin. In a few cases, the beneficiary might be required to provide additional documents. For enhanced convenience, many insurance providers now allow online document submission.

Step 3. Claim Decision

After the assessment, the insurance provider will decide whether or not your claim will be approved. If at all the claim is rejected for some reason, the insurer will inform you about the same. If the claim is approved, the insured sum will be paid to the beneficiary. In most cases, the policy owner already selects the payment mode in which the insured amount will be paid to the nominee in case of his/her demise.

Documents Required for Filing a Life Insurance Claim

  • Policy documents
  • Duly-filled claim form
  • Death certificate copy

Additional documents might be requested by the insurance provider, especially in cases where the cause of death is an accident.

Secure Your Family with a Life Insurance

To make sure that your loved ones receive the financial support that they might need upon your demise, it is essential for your policy beneficiary to know the claim process in detail. Share the same with your beneficiary to ensure that the claim process does not add up to their emotional and mental turmoil.

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