A medical emergency is in no way related to someone’s age. This means that every member of your family, including kids, should have health insurance. But rather than purchasing individual health insurance for every family member, you can prefer health insurance coverage for family through a family floater plan.

These plans have a single but higher sum insured which is shared by all the members of the family. But how many family members do these plans cover? Let us have a look-

How Many Family Members Do Family Floater Plans Cover?

In most cases, family floater plans cover a family, comprising you and your partner along with up to four kids. There are some plans which also allow you to include your parents in the same policy. Also, a few family floater policies in India permit you to add your in-laws and siblings too.

However, the higher the number of people the plan will cover, the higher the sum insured you will need. This will significantly increase the premium of the health insurance cover for family. Thus, it may be better only to include your spouse and your kids in such policies. While you can add your parents to many policies, it may not really be a prudent decision. You may consider buying a separate policy for them.

Why Not Include Your Parents in Family Floater Plans?

This is because insurance providers consider the age of the eldest member of the family to calculate the premium. If you are 40 years old and want to include your 60 years old mother in the policy, the insurance provider will calculate the premium based on the age of your mother. This can prove to be more expensive.

So, rather than including your parents in your family health insurance cover, it is better to purchase an individual policy for them. There are now several health plans exclusively created for seniors.

Other benefits of Family Floater Plans

Some important benefits of family health insurance cover are as follows-
  • Cheaper than buying an individual policy for every family member
  • Medical coverage for the entire family
  • No hassles of managing multiple individual policies of different family members and their premium payments
  • Tax savings

Consult an Insurance Advisor to Know More

If you are still confused about whether all your family members can be added to a single health insurance coverage, you can get in touch with an insurance company. The company will mostly assign an insurance advisor who will personally visit you to answer your queries and help you select a plan that best suits the insurance needs of your family.

Learn more about different Health Insurance Plans here.


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