Unlike a personal loan, a business loan involves a slightly more complex procedure. Entrepreneurs or small-business owners apply for a business loan when they require additional capital to invest in their business for it to grow. Plenty of lenders today provide secured, short-term business loans for various purposes like a working capital requirement, expansion of business, purchase of new equipment, hire staff among others.

These short-term loans are given out for tenure of 3-5 years depending on the amount of the loan.

If you are a business owner yourself and want to scale your business to another level, then you can avail a business loan from a bank or an NBFC. But before you go on and apply for one, ask yourself if you really need a loan. Taking a debt comes with its own set of risks and challenges, so you need to be prepared to pay it back on time.

Do I need a business loan?

How do you assess if you need a business loan? Do you apply for one when you completely run out of your savings? Or do you apply for a short-term loan when you have certain business requirements? Asking yourself these questions will help you understand if you really need a loan and if yes, it will help you determine the exact amount as well. So, when exactly does an entrepreneur/business owner apply for a business loan? Let's find out -

1. When you want to expand operations -

If your business is booming then it means that you are ready to take it up a notch and expand operations. But that doesn't mean you'll have the funds readily available for it. In a situation like this, you can reach out to a lender for a short-term business loan.

2. When you require working capital -

Working capital is the money you require to run day-to-day operations and businesses sometimes need loans to meet their daily operations needs until their earnings are adequate to take care of their working capital needs. As a business that is trying to get off the ground and grow, you can apply for a business loan to meet your working capital needs.

3. When you want to invest in equipment -

Staying up to date with technology and having the latest equipment in place to develop quality products and services is a must for businesses these days. You can't grow with outdated technology or equipment; hence it is necessary you invest in them. You can apply for a short-term loan to help cover the cost of purchasing the latest equipment and technology.

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, you can assess the need for you to take a business loan if you are facing a shortage of funds in meeting your business requirements, hiring new staff, venturing into new markets, purchasing inventory, marketing, etc.

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