There are various types of travel insurance plans catering to the diverse needs of individuals. While some plans are targeted for students, others are tailor-made for senior citizens. Coverage, premium, inclusions and exclusions differ across policies and so does eligibility. In this article, we will focus on the eligibility for buying this type of insurance, which largely depends on the policy type. Read on to know more.

Eligibility for student travel insurance

Student travel insurance is opted by students who enrol themselves for higher studies in foreign universities. The policy offers coverage in case of lost baggage, missed flights, medical emergencies, etc. A student travel insurance plan also reimburses costs incurred for a compassionate visit in case of bereavement.

While the eligibility criteria can vary across policies, the minimum age for opting for this policy is generally 16 years. The maximum age can go up to 35 years or more. Also, some insurers ask for the admission letter of the university enrolled before going ahead with policy issuance.

Eligibility for senior citizen travel insurance

As the name suggests, this type of insurance plan is tailor-made to meet the needs of senior citizens. Just like other types of travel insurance policies, a senior citizen travel insurance plan offers coverage in case of delayed or missed flights.

Just like a student travel insurance, the eligibility criteria for availing senior citizen travel insurance differs across policies. Generally, the maximum age limit for buying senior citizen travel insurance is up to 70 years, which can go up to 75-80 years.

Eligibility for family travel insurance

Family travel insurance is ideal when you undertake a family vacation. This type of insurance policy gives you and your family a financial cushion in case of any untoward incident during your trip. A family travel insurance policy comes handy in case of lost baggage, medical emergency or loss of crucial document such as passport.
The general eligibility criteria for family travel insurance includes two adults aged up to 60 years with two children aged up to 21 years.

Schengen region travel insurance eligibility criteria

In case you are planning to visit the Schengen region, which comprises 26 countries, travel insurance is an absolute must. In fact, without it, you might not be allowed to visa to travel in this part of the world.
If you are an adult aged up to 70 years of age, with a minimum medical coverage of at least 30,000 EURO, you are eligible to opt for a travel insurance policy for visiting this region. Note that the minimum eligibility criteria as far as age is concerned may differ across policy holders.
Today, most insurers clearly define the eligibility criteria for each of the above-mentioned travel insurance policies on their website. Go through it prior to buying a policy to expedite the purchase process.

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