Public provident fund is the most popular and trusted government-backed savings scheme. As the lock-in period for this savings scheme is 15 years, it is necessary to check balance periodically. Other than checking the balance offline by visiting the banks or the post offices, you can now check the balance online too. Here are the ways how you can do so.

Checking your PPF balance online

This is a simple yet one of the most effective options as you can check your balance 24x7. However, to avail this facility, you need to have a PPF account with the bank. Below mentioned are a few essential pointers to avail the option of checking PPF balance online.
  • To access your balance online it is mandatory to link the PPF account with the existing bank account (savings/current).
  • You should also have access to online/mobile banking to check the PPF balance. If you do not have access to online banking, you can register for the process and request the bank for username and password.
  • Once you have the credentials for online/mobile banking, you can easily log in and view the details of your PPF account.
  • There are additional services that you can avail – transferring funds to PPF account, setting standard instructions for the bank to transfer funds so that the payments are not missed, download PPF account statement, submit PPF loan application, etc.

Checking your PPF balance offline

In case you have not received your login credentials or you do not have access to online/mobile banking you can still check your balance by updating your passbook. Here are the key ways to check your balance offline.
  • On opening a PPF account with the bank, you receive a passbook. This passbook contains all the details of your PPF account like your PPF account number, details of the bank, credit/debit transfers of your bank account.
  • You will need to update your passbook periodically to keep your account information updated.
  • An updated passbook will show all the current details of the transactions made in your PPF account. However, to keep your passbook updated, you will have to visit the banks during the working hours.

Checking your post-office PPF balance account

If you have opened a PPF account in the post-office, you can check your PPF account balance offline.
  • The details of the PPF account are available in the passbook given during the account opening.
  • This passbook needs to be periodically updated in the post-office to track the PPF balance and the transactions.

Transfer your PPF account

You can easily transfer your existing PPF account from post- office or any other bank to the bank of your choice where your existing PPF account will be continued.

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