Travel insurance covers you from any unexpected health problems during a trip. Despite precautions such as vaccination, chances are that you may fall ill while visiting a foreign country. It does take a fair bit of time for you to get acclimatized with changing weather conditions. Suffering from heat strokes, frost bites, etc., are not uncommon in various parts of the world.

Whether you’re travelling by yourself or in a group, a sudden illness is likely to be an expensive proposition. Healthcare services abroad may be top notch, however, for the average traveller the costs can be prohibitive. You may end up spending many times more than you anticipated.

A travel insurance policy gives you flexibility in case you are faced with medical expenses on your trip abroad. Here’s why getting insured can save you a lot of money on international trips.

High medical costs abroad

Whether Venice or Bora Bora, not everybody agrees with tropical weather! If you’re a budget traveller, you may have to spend a lot more than your budget may allow, if you’re unwell. The cost of an average hospital stay in a developed country like the US can be over USD 10,700 [1] or Rs. 7.45 lakh.

On the other hand, with travel insurance, any expenses related to outpatient medical care or hospitalization can be significantly lowered.

Cost of medical support services

If you’re on a mountain expedition or wildlife safari, the nearest medical facility is likely to be located many kilometres away. If your health deteriorates, specialized Emergency Medical Services (EMS) such as helicopter based air ambulance services may have to be utilized.

In the absence of medical travel insurance, the cost of air evacuation and hospital bills will have to be paid out of pocket. EMS services are usually chargeable on an hourly basis and can easily run into thousands of dollars. With travel insurance, any sudden medical emergency can be managed without breaking the bank.

Common or major illness

If you’re travelling to the Brazilian rainforest or any other remote region, you may contract a rare tropical disease that may require specialized treatment or even a common illness. The cost of such treatment can vary widely.

Having a travel insurance policy covers the medical fees so that you don’t have to use your hard-earned money.

Repatriation in case of illness, accident or death

You cannot be sure of the things that may occur during your journey. There can be an accident in which there may be a loss of life or permanent disability.
In such a scenario, travel insurance covers the cost of repatriation and/or rehabilitation of affected individuals to their home country. The repatriation expenses will be covered by the insurance policy.
Therefore, before embarking on an international travel along with other items, make sure to avail a travel insurance policy.

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