Getting married is probably one of the happiest moments in life, memorable and distinct. Long before your big day, you’d have planned it all, including your honeymoon, down to the last detail.

Depending on your budget, you could explore exotic locations across the seven continents - from Phuket to London. In the run-up to your departure, you’d have a number of things to worry about - from hotel reservations, itinerary planning to outfit and even shades.

One thing that should top your honeymoon to-do checklist is travel insurance, as it is likely to have the highest payoff in an emergency. Here's why:


If you find your foot in a cast on the second day of your honeymoon, you can do more than just blame fate. With travel insurance, you can ensure that any non-refundable expenses related to pre-planned tours, safaris or other excursions, including hotel stays are reimbursed so that you can reschedule your honeymoon at no additional cost.

Loss of baggage

On arrival at the destination airport, if your baggage goes missing, you may have to spend your precious time frantically scanning the lost and found lists at your airlines’ ticket counter. Besides the financial impact, you may also have to deal with quite a bit of anxiety.

Travel insurance enables you to claim reimbursement and turn a stressful situation into a learning experience.

Flight cancellations

Volcanic eruptions, cyclonic conditions and the imposition of no-fly zones can disrupt flights in any part of the world. If the airline you are flying cancels or reschedules your flight due to these considerations, you could potentially miss any connecting flights that you may already have scheduled.

With travel insurance, you get assured coverage in such situations.

Medical factors

From frostbites to heat strokes, there are a number of seasonal illnesses that you may contract while on honeymoon.
Travel insurance takes care of all your medical bills and hospitalization expenses. It also allows you to arrange a flight ticket to fly one of your family members to you. The policy also provides a daily cash allowance for each day spent in the hospital.

Change of plans

Life is unpredictable. While on your honeymoon, you can get a call from your family giving you news that requires you to go home immediately. You may end up spending quite a bit on return tickets and cancelling all your bookings that may not be refundable.

However, if you have travel insurance, you need not worry about these expenses. It will cover your return tickets and take care of additional expenses like hotel booking cancellations, etc. at the last moment and any other costs.

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience. Get insured before you leave for your honeymoon and stay tension-free.

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