Securing financial hardships that may arise during a trip, travel insurance is an absolute must for anyone looking forward to undertaking a trip. It’s a myth that only those who travel or are planning a journey need this insurance. Read on to know the various categories of individuals who might require this all-important insurance.


Today, many Indian students enrol themselves for higher studies in foreign universities. Travel insurance is an absolute must for them. There are many universities which make it mandatory for students to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy for getting enrolled.
Travel insurance not only comes handy in a medical emergency on foreign shores but also offers support in case of loss of crucial documents such as passport. Most student travel insurance policies offer coverage for:
  • Personal accident
  • Disability in an accident
  • Treatment of mental disorders
  • Study interruption
  • Hijack

Senior citizens

Senior citizens looking to undertake a domestic or international vacation must avail a travel insurance plan. It saves them from various hassles which might crop up during the journey. As senior citizens are susceptible to illness due to change in weather, travel insurance comes handy in case they need hospitalization.
The policy reimburses the medical costs incurred during treatment thus limiting out-of-pocket expenses. Some travel insurance policies can also offer coverage for ailments arising out of pre-existing diseases. Apart from this, coverage is also provided for loss of baggage, trip cancellation, missed/delayed flights, etc.

Solo travelers

Often solo travelers feel that since they are all alone in their journey, they can give travel insurance a skip. Travel insurance for solo travelers provides them coverage against delayed or missed flights, loss of baggage and valuables among others.
They are also financially cushioned against loss of essential documents or a medical contingency. It can also come to their rescue in case they are entangled in legalities on a foreign territory.

Group travelers

Just like solo travelers, even group travelers need travel insurance. In fact, many insurers offer customized travel insurance package for group travelers taking care of their special needs. Just like others, coverage for group travelers include:
  • Compensation in case of lost bagged, delayed/missed flight or trip cancellation
  • Compensation for medical expenses incurred during the trip
  • Coverage for missing of important documents

Buying travel insurance

Buying travel insurance is pretty easy these days. You can buy it directly from the website of the insurer or an insurance aggregator. All you need to do is to visit the official portal of the insurer or the aggregator, choose the policy you wish to purchase and pay the premium. The soft copy of the policy is sent to your email while the hard copy is sent to your registered address within a few days.

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