Travelling is fun and full of excitement. It’s an ideal way to break away from the daily routine and spend some quality time with family and friends. Among several things that warrant attention in your travel itinerary, travel insurance is of utmost importance. Read on to know the benefits associated with a travel insurance policy.

Compensation for losses due to trip cancellation

There are occasions when a trip gets cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. Such cancellations can lead to monetary losses. In such a scenario, travel insurance comes to your rescue.
The insurer compensates for the losses incurred, thereby ensuring your finances don’t take a dip in such a scenario.

Coverage for medical contingencies

Medical contingencies often arrive unannounced. While they can’t be avoided, they can be tackled with deft planning. Travel insurance gives you the financial muscle to deal with medical exigencies which might crop up during your travel.

It pays for the hospitalization and medical costs incurred for treatment. Some insurers also compensate for ambulance charges. Medical expenses are high in India and higher abroad. Thus, a travel insurance plan not only safeguards your savings but also ensures funds are not a roadblock while availing the best possible medical care.

Compensation for loss of baggage

There can be occasions where you might lose your baggage while travelling. In such a scenario, travel insurance comes to your rescue.
Your insurer compensates for the losses suffered due to lost baggage and the belongings in it. Some insurers also aid in locating the lost baggage, thereby giving you peace of mind. Also, in scenarios where there is a delay in the arrival of baggage, your insurer compensates for the damages incurred.

Coverage for loss of crucial documents like passport

When you are in a foreign land, loss of essential documents like passport can have multiple ramifications. Not only your trip might be extended but getting a duplicate passport can be expensive, involving a lot of documentation and process.
In such an event, your travel insurance not only reimburses the cost of getting a duplicate passport, but also extends all the possible aid during the period when you are without it. Most travel insurers have tie-ups with agencies to aid travellers in such situations.

Emergency cash advance

In case you lose your wallet, which has your credit and debit cards, your insurance policy aids you by providing you cash. This service is known as emergency cash advance.
While policies offering such a service may be a little expensive, yet it’s prudent to opt for a policy offering this facility.
In case you have an insurance policy from an existing insurer, find out if there’s a travel insurance offering as you stand a chance of availing a better quote.

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