Travelling takes you to the most exciting corners of the world, allows you to experience a new culture and gives you memories of a lifetime. However, at the same time, it comes with its share of risks and uncertainties.

The last thing you would want is getting stressed during your trip because of some unanticipated crisis. To mitigate financial hazards during travel, it’s prudent to opt for a travel insurance policy. Read on to know as to why you need it during your trip.

Compensation for flight cancellation

You have a flight to catch and after reaching the airport, you get to know that the flight has been cancelled due to bad weather or the flight has been delayed by 12 hours. In the meantime, you have a connecting flight or cruise to take.

In such an unfortunate scenario, your travel insurance policy will take care of the fund requirements of a new ticket or the additional expenses of fooding and lodging.

Coverage for loss of passport/ luggage/ belongings

If you lose your luggage which carries all your belongings that you intended to use on your trip - even worse, your passport - which is the most accepted identity document, getting them back can be financially draining.

Travel insurance can help in recovering your luggage and also reimburse the additional cost that you have to bear. It will also help in easy and quick replacement of the passport and pay the corresponding charges. In other words, it will compensate for the losses suffered due to lost baggage and passport.

Coverage for a medical emergency

On a trip, you never know what kind of medical situation you might get into. Medical contingencies can strike any moment. However, with a travel insurance plan, you are better prepared to deal with the situation.

Your travel insurance plan will cover the medical expenses. The policy can also bear charges related to ambulance costs among others. Some policies also cover the cost of a visit by family members or relatives.

Trip cancellation coverage

There may be times when you might have to cancel your trip at the last moment owing to an immediate personal or professional commitment or because of a sudden illness.

If you have travel insurance, you won't have to fret over your flight and hotel booking expenses. Your travel insurance will reimburse the cost of your flight and hotel booking that you fail to use.

Prior to buying a travel insurance plan, go through offerings from different insurers. Compare quotes, policy inclusions and exclusions and select a plan that best suits your needs.

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