Where dreams turn into vision and vision turns into reality!

A decade ago, we had a dream. A dream to build an institution that could put customers at the heart of its existence and help meet all their financial needs. A dream to change the way people deal with money so that they can live life on their terms. A dream to be a company that is a leader and role model in the financial services sector.

A decade later, we are Aditya Birla Capital, one of India’s largest financial services conglomerates. We operate across a wide range of businesses within financial services and are a provider of Universal Financial Solutions to our customers. Our range of products and services allow us to offer our customers solutions through their lifetime. Our businesses serve millions of Indians in more than 400 cities through 1,300+ points of presence, anchored by 12,000+ employees from diverse cultures, cities and backgrounds.

Given the scope and span of our businesses, we offer a wide range of career opportunities to those fearless enough to dream and pursue that dream with relentless passion. We invite you to realize your career goals with us while enabling Indians to meet every financial need that matters to them most – from the cradle to the grave

Welcome to Aditya Birla Capital – Where the dream of one, becomes the dream of all and where impossible is nothing!

Passion & Purpose

Aditya Birla Capital is committed to helping people protect what they value, invest their hard earned money and finance their dreams and aspirations. As One common brand, our brand embodies the spirit of coming together to change the lives of the people we deal with. 

We ask thought-provoking questions. Questions that, through an inherent dilemma between life and money, provoke people to think deeply and consciously about money and find their own answers basis their life’s reality and experiences. Questions that, once answered, make people realize the need for Protecting, Investing or Financing their money.

Our purpose is to simplify money so that our customers can self-realize their dreams and live the life they truly desire

Our Commitment to YOU!

One ABC represents the World of Opportunities that our employees have come to understand and expect from us. It encompasses several opportunities for each of us to collaborate with various teams across our multiple lines of our businesses.

At ABC our Employee Value Proposition is called a World of Opportunities.


This is the promise that we deliver to our current and potential employees.

Through consistent learning, development and growth, we aim to provide our employees with experience and in-depth understanding of various products/businesses that comprise Aditya Birla Capital. This learning by itself is exciting, but it also opens up career opportunities across 12 business for every employee of the ABC family.

All of our employees are considered to first be an employee of Aditya Birla Capital and then part of our individual lines of businesses. Thus, an offer of employment from Aditya Birla Capital allows for optimal career growth across multiple lines of business.

The idea of life it is said, is not to live forever, but to create something that will. And with Aditya Birla Capital, we promise you a chance to do just that!