Joining ABC - Benefits

Our culture is dominated by human values — of inspiration, communication, collaboration, and appreciation, around which our employee initiatives are fundamentally built. With a workforce of 12,000+ employees, our primary focus is to help bring out the best in our people.

We have always believed in grooming talent into leaders and through our various talent management programs focus on providing each one of our employees with ample learning, mentoring and development opportunities to further both their personal ambitions and professional growth. It provides each one of us with the enviable position of being able to achieve any career aspiration we set out to in the financial services space. 

The internal structures at ABC present ample avenues for collaboration across various teams, businesses and skill sets. It allows you to actively accept differences, strengthen weaknesses and support each other with relevant expertise so as to ensure stronger bonds of working together.

The attitude of integration allows us to be a seamless organization, known for quality, speed, innovation, and a delightful yet unified customer experience – Where each one of us is a Leader, encouraging each other and inspiring one another to achieve something original and aspirational.

Rewards & Recognition

Good work needs to be recognized and recognition needs rewards. We believe that a little thanks goes a long way in boosting team spirit and morale. In keeping with this, ABC has instituted several awards at business and group levels to recognize the efforts put in by each of our employees every day. Our Group Level awards include –

Pride Awards

 The Pride Awards reward and recognise individuals who have contributed significantly towards the success of a business unit or whose contributions have added value to the Group as a whole. A highly coveted award is a cash award with felicitations and accolades from the Group CEO and Chief Human Resource Officer

Quality Awards

Quality Awards recognize quality practices such as Lean, Six Sigma, 5S, Quality Circles, Kaizen and Business Excellence to name a few. These awards are unique as the invite employees to build their own capability on Quality Methodologies, post which, they are mentored and supported in gaining a deep understanding of the chosen Quality methodologies. Finally, employees execute projects closely linked to learnings and closely monitored and evaluated by a panel of Quality experts. Successful execution of these projects leads to recognition and certification

Inspiration Awards

The Inspiration Awards were institutionalized in 2010-11 to reward and recognize the most inspirational work done across ABC - Work which has added value to the organisation, its employees, its customers and its stakeholders. Every year, close to 600 applications come in for these highly coveted awards from across all business units. Applications are screened by 2 internal juries and 1 External Jury of the Senior Leaders from some of the most reputed organisations in India and around the Globe. Shortlisted Winners are recognized and felicitated at the annual ABC Day in front of peers and colleagues