At Aditya Birla Capital, we create and support opportunities for continuous learning, helping people grow both professionally and personally. These opportunities, we believe, help bring out the best in them.

Each of our businesses have a dedicated Learning and Development Team responsible for designing and executing programs that help our people build capabilities at an accelerated pace. There are regular e-learning sessions, webinars, classroom workshops and business simulations to choose from, as well as the opportunity to attend a number of online study modules offered by Harvard.

ABC University

Set up with the objective of creating learning synergy between business units and bringing the best learning opportunities to our people. The ABC University goes a long way in helping our talent hone existing skills or acquire new ones as per the requirements of their job role. It brings together some of the top learning and development professionals from across our businesses to identify common learning needs so as to design and execute high impact learning interventions to meet those needs.

Talent Council

The ABC Talent Council comprises our Group Chief Executive, Deputy Group Chief Executive, Chief Human Resource Officer, and on a rotational basis, the CEOs or HR Heads of business units. The Council invests a significant amount of time identifying key talent in senior leadership positions, developmental goals and cross-business career moves to create a robust yet fungible senior leadership team.

ABC Talent Development Initiatives

The ABC Leadership Talent Development Program (LTDP) was conceptualized to groom key talent across levels. Comprising 3 intensive talent programs, the LTDP allows for intensive leadership training and mentoring across all management levels.

 Employee Engagement

It’s not all work and no play at ABC. Our spirit of integration and One team philosophy allows for greater employee connect and engagement across teams and businesses at regular levels. From an effective Intranet Let’s Connect where employees access important updates across Aditya Birla Capital to our quarterly in-house newsletter, we encourage free exchange of information, inspiration and innovation.

Other Engagement Initiatives include –

The Doer’s Club that hosts three individual platforms - The Innovation Portal, The Speed Portal and The Kaizen Portal.

The Innovation Portal

A portal to encourage employee innovation, this is a platform where employees can voice their ideas. Reviewed periodically by Senior Management, these ideas are regularly implemented basis the value-add to the business

The Speed Portal

This portal gives all employees the liberty to identify processes that need to be sped up. Employees are also encouraged to suggest improved process ideas that can decrease turnaround times and increase efficiency. Outlined issues are reported and then forwarded to the appropriate business unit for resolution

The Kaizen Portal

To ensure continuous improvement, employees are provided individual dashboards to track how many Kaizen, Innovation and Speed suggestions have been shared with the Senior Management and how many have been implemented.

Across Aditya Birla Capital, there are multiple platforms at a group or business unit level which promote and encourage dialogue between employees and Senior Management.

These platforms also serve as sources of rich data for us to understand the pulse of our employees.