Easy Ways To Protect Your Stomach This Christmas And New Year

With Christmas and New Year around, it’s the most magical time of the year. From delicious pudding to rum cakes, from roasted meats to alcohol, this season is all about overindulgence. But while we enjoy this tasty, rich food, it can be tough for the digestive system. Certain foods and drinks cause bloating, indigestion, burning sensation and more. Overeating, smoking, excessive alcohol intake can add stress to the digestive system. Enjoy the joyous season without suffering in silence with our simple and effective tips.


After a hearty Christmas meal, some of us may experience uncomfortable bloating. Seasonal treats which include yeast, sugar, and alcohol make it hard to digest the food leading to production of gas in the stomach. Christmas meals are tempting, but its best to eat little and often to avoid bloating. After eating, move around, do some gentle stretching in order to prevent bloating.


The food prepared during festive season is rich and does not contain enough fruits and vegetables. Also, a lack of exercise slows down the digestive system leading to constipation. Ensure that you drink around two litres of water every day to flush out toxins.  Add fresh fruits, vegetables and exercise to your festive routine to stay away from constipation.

Food Poisoning:

Undercooked meat, meals cooked in unhygienic conditions can lead to food poisoning. While preparing dishes made using meat, ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly. Once cooked, refrigerate the meat to avoid bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. If you are down with food poisoning, drink plenty of water mixed with sugar and salt, and visit your doctor immediately.

Use these simple tips, keep your stomach happy and enjoy your festive season by staying healthy.


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