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#21StartsABHI-Day 17: 4 Quick HIIT Exercises That Will Help You Burn Calories

Do you want to make 2021 the year that you achieve your health goals? If yes, then we are here to cheer you on and keep you motivated. To help you get started and to build the habit of staying fit, we bring you #21StartsABHI; a fun way for you to make your fitness journey more enjoyable.

We will be giving out 21 health habits for you to do every single day for the next 21 days of 2021. All you need to do is upload a video or photo of you doing the activity and share on any social media platform with #21StartsABHI. You could stand a chance to win FREE online fitness class subscriptions + Amazon vouchers.

We are all aware of the importance of physical activity and exercise but most of us don’t find time to workout during our hectic lives. If this is a reason you commonly use to avoid exercising, then High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is perfect for you. A HIIT workout involves short periods of intense aerobic exercises with quick recovery periods.

Exercise 1: Sidestep

Begin the workout by taking sideward steps in quick succession for 15 seconds. Remember to keep your ab muscles tight, shoulders down and knees soft.

Exercise 2: Power March

Next up is the Power March on the spot for 10 seconds. Lift your knees up and swing your hands to get the benefits of a brisk walk.

Exercise 3: Side Squats

Side squats or wide-leg squats help build strength in the lower body. Spread your legs and bend your knees outwards when you squat but keep your back straight. Continue this exercise for 15-20 seconds.

Follow this exercise with a power march of another 10 seconds.

Exercise 4: Criss Cross

Walk on the spot making quick steps in a criss-cross motion. This 15-20 second exercise is an exercise for the whole body. Remember to keep your knees soft with every step and breathe regularly.

This high-intensity workout is described as a ‘cardio blast’ by fitness expert Shalini Bhargava. You must remember to stop or take a break if you feel too much of a strain.

You can set a weight loss target by calculating your ideal weight with Activ Health and checking your progress every few days. Doing this routine as part of the #21StartsABHI contest is a great way to make fitness a habit so that you keep going all through the year. You can also find great diet tips and other resources by visiting the Nutrition and Mindfulness sections on the Activ Living Blog.

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